Post your booktalks here. You can either cut and paste the link below or you can go to “New Post,” put in the link to your booktalk, and then on the righthand side where it says “Categories” select “booktalks” and when you hit update it will appear in the booktalks tab. Email me if you have problems.


22 thoughts on “Booktalks

    • Great job, Ben. Did you do everything with one program or did you create the beginning on a different program? There’s a big move towards making trailers for books–you can find them for lots of YA novels. I had students make them for ENG433 last fall. We used Animoto and they were great. Your beginning would make a great trailer. Also, nice posters:) I especially like the “Fear and Loathing” one.

    • Marcus, I really like how you brought in books you found similar to “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.” I think that it would be helpful for students to know what books have similar story lines, themes, etc so that they know if they liked “Catcher in the Rye” they would probably like this book.

    • Nurie, you and Annmarie are both backwards:) You read with real expression and I like how, at the end, you gave the viewer a number of questions to ponder as a way to draw him/her into possibly reading the book.

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